Be4Birds! campaign

Why Be4Birds?

Birds are beautiful, intelligent and inspiring. An advantage of having birds as the flagship species in our campaign is that they are never far away from us.

Why Be4Birds?
Birds are our neighbours! We see and hear them everyday- even if we don’t realize it. The variety of their colours, sounds, ideas for life and finally species is also remarkable. They have been present in our lives, practically since forever, not only in parks, gardens or households but also in our traditions and cultures: folk-lore, heraldry and etymology of our surnames, literature and poetry, and finally arts. Birds symbolize purity, freedom, open space and dreams. Finally, not only do they sing beautifully, but they are also admired for the way they look. We want to use all of this information in our campaign in order to draw your attention and to Be4Birds!
The practical aspect is also important to us. Birds have been recognized by the European Commission as an environmental quality indicator – which in particular indicates the quality of life of the Europeans. The conservation of certain species and their habitats has become one of the EU’s priorities.
Even though, people have always been drawn to birds more than to any other earthly creatures, the birdwatching phenomenon (and consequently the protection of their life and their habitats) has become a national priority in recent years. In some cases, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say there are large-scale social movements consisting of millions of birdwatchers – people who observe birds. Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are among leaders in this field. You will only find higher numbers of birdwatchers in the USA and Canada.
All of this means that birds could be great ambassadors of the ‘green revolution’ in Poland. Why shouldn’t Poland join the world’s leaders for birds’ conservation? Birds are worth it – if we want to save them, we need to act now because their numbers are already low and they are vanishing at an increasing pace.
Life without birds wouldn’t be possible and it wouldn’t make sense either.
Let’s Be4Brids!