Patrycja Chacia

She travelled, a bit by accident, to Goniądz for the first Jamboree of Birds of Poland Club. She fell in love with Biebrza and after two months... she became a member of the Birds of Poland.
She was always interested in people, and since BIRD is also a human, she has been examining human - bird relations and vice versa for 4 years, coordinating Be4Birds! campaign.
She believes that nature and its perfect harmony has an influence on people, their consciousness and sensitivity. And one cannot protect birds without these features.
Personally, she became a psychologist recently and in over a dozen months she will became a family positioning therapist. She has been taking care of a female dog Lucyna for over a year. She is a beginner vegan and a fan of biographies of notable people.
As a coordinator, she supervises the whole process of campaign implementation from the organizational and administrative perspective. She is responsible for the proper and punctual settlement of particular activities, for contacts with donors and subcontractors.
Telephone number:  +48 691 030 603