Be4Birds!  was launched  out of the necessity of time and with an objective of nature protection and, in particular, the protection of birds and their habitats. It is for the benefit of nature, people and, consequently, the entire world.
Our mission is: Learn, Love and Help.
We educate, promote and actively protect wildlife. We produce publications, make films, organize exhibitions and we work on site, outdoors to change the landscape and help to save the endangered species.
Our team uses a collective pool of expertise of wildlife conservationists with varied experience from different fields and with the passion of real naturalists. We are collaborating with national parks and other non-governmental organisations, with universities, business partners, farmers and mass media. Finally, we also work with both national and European institutions.
Among many of our initiatives, Be4Birds! Campaign – the nationwide campaign Be4Birds! –, Wetlands Work Wonders! Warta River Mouth (Bagna są dobre! Ujscie Warty – and Greater Spotted Eagles project (projekt Orlik Ptak Jakich Mało – are definitely worth mentioning.  
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Finally, we would like to invite you to join us – Birds of Poland Club. Together we can do much more.
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Author: Anna Pilarska Source: Birds of Poland