Educational bundle Be4Birds!

Be4Birds! is a greeting of people who Say Yes!, and also a name of our Campaign and its most important slogan. It is also a title of the educational bundle full of ideas about original classes about birds and nature – for four different education levels. For two sections of elementary schools (I-III grade and IV-VI grade), for the middle school and upper-secondary schools.

Birds! We owe them so many things: planes, music, works of masters of world’s poetry and literature written down with their feathers, and what is more cozy, downy duvets and a good mood during a stroll in a park. But these are only a few points from the endlessly long list of birds’ merits, achievements and values.
The birds have been with us for literally ever… Actually, they were here long before us! They are in our parks, gardens and households. They are present in our names, tradition, science, culture and dreams. Many of them are our neighbors.
Birds’ diversity is amazing – their colors, voices, ideas for life, species… They amaze us with their beauty, singing, surprise us with their resourcefulness, overawe with their endurance during long journeys. The more we learn about them, the more is left to discover.
They are beautiful, wise, inspiring…
They inspired us to create the educational bundle, which we hand over in your virtual hands. We believe that the bundle and essentially the very birds will become an inspiration for you as well. Just like the nature is.
The educational bundle includes 36 original lesson scripts which are completed with presentations and multimedia resources, board games, card sets, various colorful materials, ideas for exploratory contests, even the texts and props for school performances.  
From our bundle, you will not get to know how much the eggs weight or what is the size of the ones which blackbirds or kestrel clutch. You will not find information  about mitosis or meiosis… What you will get to know is how the birds – our neighbors live. How to recognize them? What kind of problems do they face every day? How are they similar and different from us? We encourage you to look for an answer to the question what it’s like to be a bird?...
Primarily, we persuade to creatively use our propositions. We hope that our bundle will help make science classes a real adventure – for students and teachers.
Materials for download:
- Educational bundle Be4Birds! Elementary School
- Educational bundle Be4Birds! Middle School
Educational bundle Be4Birds! Upper-secondary school
If you would like to get one of these parts of the bundle in a hardcopy version and to take actions to Be4Birds! in your school, preschool or other institutions and educational centers, join our Polish nationwide educational action Be4Birds!
You will find more details by contacting Paweł Pstrokoński, an Education Specialist – e-mail:
One more thing: let us stay in touch. Send films and projects which will be included within contests that we prompt in the bundle. Record, take photograph and send your account from your performances, classes. Share your work, achievements, ideas…
Write to us:
Let us build the network of schools which are Be4Birds!
Maybe we will discover together what makes the birds always so fascinating for people… 
ATTENTION The edition of the educational bundle for the elementary school is temporarily out of print. We are in the process of printing more of it. Elementary schools and preschools which will join the action Be4Birds! are going to receive the bundle in March 2015.
The author: Ewa Stróżniak  Source: Birds of Poland