It is directed at schools, preschools, educational centers, organizations and all educational institutions all over Poland. It is important that the birds, nature, their protection and our idea of Be4Birds! was close to you.
This action is time or age unrestricted. We show our idea to children and the youth, to adults and seniors. We believe that you can always Be4Birds– for the whole life. What are the benefits of joining the action Be4Birds!
  • What can you do within the action Be4Birds!
  • What does the participation in the action Be4Birds! oblige you to?

How to join the action Be4Birds!?
To join the action Be4Birds! you should fill in the Form of joining the action which can be downloaded here.
The filled and signed document with a stamp of the institution should be sent by mail to this address:
Ptaki Polskie
ul. Rycerska 1
66-400 Gorzów Wlkp.

or in the scanned version to the e-mail address:

After receiving the form your membership will be included to the action Be4Birds! As  part of joining the action, you will receive a free copy of the educational bundle Be4Birds! with a material kit.
We only ask you to cover the costs of shipping which are 20 zlotys. The amount above should be paid to the bank account of the association: 20 8769 0002 0000 6565 2000 0070 with an annotation "Przesyłka pakietu – Szkoła na pTAK!" and name of the institution.
While sending the Form, please add the confirmation of the bank transfer.
If you wish to get any additional information on the action Be4Birds! please contact Paweł Pstrokoński, an Education Specialist–
Join us and Be4Birds!
For the sake of people, birds and nature.

The edition of the educational bundle for the elementary school is temporarily out of print. We are in the process of printing more of it.
We inform elementary schools interested in taking part in the action Be4Birds!  that the educational bundle for elementary schools with educational-informational materials is going to be sent in March 2015.