Be4Birds! campaign

Be4Birds! offer

Although Be4Birds! campaign is dedicated to birds and protection of biodiversity, it is in fact addressed to you. It’s meant to teach, entertain and maybe touch you as well, but it’s definitely there to connect people…

Be4Birds! offer – so what  could we do together?
In order to get our message across we had to break through the ubiquities of communication noise full of other messages – usually presented with more intensity and perceived as more important.
We relied on a variety of media and channeling tools, as well as on synergy resulting from the engagement and support from both individuals and institutions. The impact of the Be4Birds! campaign is a result of the unprecedented scope, artistic values and finally the ‘surprise effect’ of the topic itself.
We believe that the Be4Birds! initiative will become embedded in Polish social life. We also hope it will increase our knowledge, influence our beliefs and attitudes and, of course, that it will make us more Be4Birds!
The below are the most important and interesting activities within the Be4Birds! campaign – you are welcome to join us now or any time soon:
  • We have carried out the first time ever nationwide opinion poll on knowledge base, attitudes towards nature and its conservation. The poll was carried out by CBM Test company.
  • We have created an interactive website Be4Birds! (Be4Birds!:, which provides the latest information about the campaign, topics raised, events taking place and all sort of activities carried out. The website serves as a journalistic platform and provides background information. 
You are also welcome to join our discussion forums and see our photo gallery. You are welcome to read handbooks and guidebooks provided. You can also visit other related websites/ visit our partners’ and friends’ websites. There’s a lot going on here and we will gradually add more and more. Be4Birds website is managed by e-direct.
  • One of the attractions on our website is our online book - ‘See the BIRD’ (Zobacz pTAKa!). It is a guide to birds, suitable for beginners as well as more advanced learners. This time, however, we didn’t focus on the size of the beak or the layering of the tertials (also known as tertiary flight feathers). We did so, not because it is less important, but because we wanted to present birds, their personality traits, habits and the way they deal with different aspects of their day-to-day existence.
We even decided not to include illustrations in our guide (a common feature of most guides). We would like you to notice birds around you – perhaps for the first time. We hope, however, that this will be the beginning of a fascinating adventure. And one last thing: in our guide we talk about ordinary birds, the birds you see in your garden or when you walk in the park, but we didn’t forget about the rarest and the most mysterious ones, which we will cover in chapter ‘Lucky for us’ (Na szczęście). Until the end of 2010, we will be introducing new species every week. It starts in May when we will introduce the magpie, the jay and the owl or should we say Ms Magpie, Ms Jay and Mr Owl, who are the main characters of the outdoor campaign. It’s worth adding that our guide and other publications use capital letters for the names of the species. We would like to explain at this stage that this is not because we are ignorant or have made a mistake – it’s our choice.
Renia Bartek is the guide’s illustrator and Jacek Karczewski is the author of the text.
  • The outdoor campaign Be4Birds! will be launched in the spring of 2010 and will be displayed on billboards and bus stops in several major cities and agglomerations in the country ( Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Kraków, Lublin, Poznań, Szczecin, Trójmiasto, Warszawa, Wrocław, Górny Śląsk and adjacent area). In total, 530 posters with Ms Jay, Ms Magpie and Mr Owl will tell us that not only we share our lives but are also very similar and have a lot in common. It’s a shame that us, humans are often too busy and don’t have time (nor the willingness) to notice this. We hope our campaign will change this.
Those of you who won’t be able to visit any of the above places, can see the posters right now on your computer screens. The Be4Birds! campaign was implemented in cooperation with AMS. Photographs used in the campaign are courtesy of Jan Kriwol, photographer at Summer76 photo agency. Designed by 1976 ad.
  • You can also hear about us on the radio or TV. We are supported by TOK FM radio, but you can also hear about us in local radio stations in Podlasie and on TV Białystok. It’s also up to you if any other stations will broadcast stories about us, so please join us.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins campaign is implemented with support from our media partner and it is available on website. Seven Deadly Sins is a classification of vices (part of Christian ethics) that has been used to educate and instruct Christians, but the theme is not limited to Christianity only. We will talk about wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. Each of those environmental sins will be discussed in detail, but please don’t be disheartened. We will give you some tips on how to redeem your sins and make up for them. Be4Brids! campaign plays a constructive role and stands for positive thinking. Just Be4Birds! and the world around you will be a better place to live.
  • Be4Birds! Garden – this campaign is addressed to all those who either possess gardens, plots or parks, both urban and rural. This initiative is being implemented through the Be4Birds! Garden, a competition to convert your garden into a more eco-friendly (or birds-friendly) one.You can enter the competition with your back gardens. We also strongly encourage cities and villages to nominate parks in their area. Winners will receive great prizes. Through your gardens you will be supporting biodiversity initiative in Poland and, consequently, you will contribute to the protection of biodiversity on the entire Earth. The more of such gardens, the better. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a whole network of eco-friendly gardens – a network that would play a vital role in preserving the common heritage of mankind – nature. All appropriate details, guides and even complete garden designs will be provided for any interested participants. You can also talk about your gardens and everything related to them on a specially designed forum also available on our website. You are welcome to join us and have fun! For more information, please see our terms and conditions – it’s only one click away.
  • Be4Birds! School – this campaign is addressed to all schools, students and undergraduates, teachers and lecturers. This initiative is being implemented through two different competitions. The first competition is for the most bio-diverse school shelter for animals, and the second one is for the best lesson about how to halt the loss of biodiversity. The first one refers to the Be4Birds! Garden – where we are trying to build a whole network of eco-friendly oases in a growing landscape of concrete. The latter one refers to developing interests of young people and building the best school laboratory for a school. It will be the best because, it will be open all year and it will be nearly cost-free. Besides, is there anything more important than saving our planet? An animal shelter at the schoolyard or a Be4Birds! Garden fit the purpose! Participants are provided with substantive support – a special forum, book guides and complete animal shelter designs – all available on our website. You are welcome to join us and have fun! For more information, please see our terms and conditions – it’s only one click away. Winners will receive fantastic prizes, including entrance to nature workshops in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the country. The Be4Birds! School initiative is being implemented in partnership with The State Forests National Forest Holding.
  • We have also thought of those of you who no longer go to school and those without gardens, because we all want to learn something new and have fun at the same time. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to take part in three nationwide photography competitions: Poland from a Bird’s Eye view (Polska z lotu pTAKa!), The Most Beautiful Polish Tree (Konkurs na Najpiękniejsze Polskie Drzewo) and The Most Beautiful Polish Avenue ( Konkurs na Najpiękniejszą Polską Aleję). Winners will receive fantastic prizes. For more information, please see our terms and conditions below. All competitions are organized in partnership with our media partners.
  • We have also prepared a special event for all those of you with a different kind of bird connection… Bociany, Kulczykowie, Sowy and Sowińscy, Kulikowie and Kulikowscy, Bąkowie, Wrońscy, Wójcikowie, Szczygłowie, Wróblewscy  and everyone else with a bird-related surname are hereby invited to become a member of ‘Birds of Poland’ Club. But that is not all, we would also like to invite all those whose surnames are somehow related to nature, from the Kwiatkowscy to Wilkowscy. You are welcome to join us! We need you to become actively engaged for the benefit of ‘our’ national birds and for us all. Be4Birds! before it’s too late.  
  • Our periodic Birds of Poland conventions are very special member-only events. They are an opportunity to see a new corner of the country and explore its nature. In the future we will take you to the Warta River Mouth National Park and the Słowiński National Park, but the inaugural Birds of Poland gathering will take place in Goniądz at the Biebrza River from 4th to 6th June 2010. We will be showing you films and presentations and we will meet the authors, we will organize art workshops, trips and field workshops; we will listen to concerts and we will eat delicious food. You can expect a great atmosphere accompanied by a magnificent landscape. We will also try to set a Guinness World Record by creating an enormous stork made of people. This all will be possible thanks to the support of the town of Goniądz, School Complex in Goniądz and Suchowola and Biebrza National Park. The Birds and all those whose surnames are somehow related to nature and all those who would like to get involved and to know more about Birds of Poland, the events and the campaign are all welcome to join us!
  • Be4Birds! Everyday’ is our limited collection of postcards. We launched this series to commemorate the campaign, and we hope that thanks to this initiative none of the 7 birds used in the postcards will ever become as scarce as hen’s teeth in our landscape. We have been able to publish the Be4Birds! everyday collection thanks to collaboration with the Polish Post – branch in Gorzow Wielkopolski . You can also view the collection here.
  • Be4Birds! publications are the reference materials which accompany our campaign. Our publications are varied, informative, and educational with a simple design. You can see them all on our website.
They are:        
  • Be4Birds! Garden guide,
  • complete eco-friendly garden designs,
  • Guides to bio-diverse school shelter for animals, comprehensive, with instructions on how to build one,
  • A legal guide,
  • Be4Birds dictionary,
  • An online ‘See the Bird’ guide,
  • Be4Birds! everyday postcard collections,
  • Be4Birds Map.
Nearly all of them are in an electronic format, ready to be downloaded or printed. Another thing worth noting is our campaign’s poster, showing birds from our gardens and parks, designed by Renia Bartek and used as an insert by our media partner. Last but not least, our Be4Brids! publication list is indicative and non-exhaustive and open to any suggestions and proposals. You are welcome to join us!
  • Be4Birds! exhibition will be organized at the end of our campaign and will also be available on our website. The exhibition will include all the winning works that have taken part in our competitions. We will also have a chance to present the achievements of our campaign in relation to the protection of biodiversity including birds. You are also welcome to contact us if you are interested in hosting this exhibition.
  • Be4Birds! partnerships contains a list of friends and partners as well as company names and addresses – to find out more, please go to ‘our friends’ tab. Implementing this campaign wouldn’t be possible without their support. Similarly – same support and engagement is needed to protect nature and it is only possible when we all get involved.
We would like to thank our partners and friends. We would also like to thank You and hope that you will join us! Let’s Be4Birds! The more of us, the better for all of us!